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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
I'm Melissa, also known as Res. Actually I prefer being called Res.
I live in the UK if you couldn't tell from the location selection.
I am 17, studying my Computer Science, Physics and History at A-Level.
I try to update dA as much as possible, but you'll have more hope finding my art on my art blog on tumblr (linked below) though I do come on dA every now and then and upload everything decent I've drawn recently.


Hailclan | Warrior | Lionclaw
↫ 🌲 General 🌲 ↬ 

⇢ ⇢ Lionclaw ⇠ ⇠ 
       {Lion} ⇢ thick neck fur, colouring      {claw} ⇢ skill as a fighter
       Previous Names⇢ Lionkit, Lionpaw
↬ Clan ⇢ Hailclan
↬ Rank⇢ Warrior
      Previous Ranks ⇢ Kit, Apprentice
Gender⇢ Tom
      Sex⇢ Tom
↬ Age: 15 Moons

↬ Sexuality⇢ Pansexual
↬ Mentor⇢ Swiftfang (Deceased)
↬ Apprentice: None
↫ 🌲 Physical Information 🌲 ↬   
↬ Body Build⇢  Buff and muscley
Fur Description⇢  A golden tabby with a white neck, underbelly and paws
Scars⇢ Right ear is torn
Height⇢ 30cm
Weight⇢ 10lb
↫ 🌲 Skills 🌲 ↬ 

Speed  3  [+ Cloud Clan]

Fighting  9 [+ Hail Clan]

Swimming  0 [+ Ember Clan] 

Hunting   5 

Defense  7

Stealth  1

Intelligence  5   

⇢ ⇢ {Go to the Rules for Guidelines on Stats} ⇠ ⇠
↫ 🌲 Personality Traits  🌲 ↬ 

↬ Positive Traits ↫ 
∘ Confident: Lionclaw is always sure of his own, and his clan's, strength and ability in combat. He never hesitates a hunting pounce or battle move and throws himself in head first.
∘ Charming: There's something about Lionclaw that just makes him likeable, despite his loud mouthed form of conversation he is hard to hate because it is just Lionclaw being Lionclaw.

↬  Negative Traits ↫ 
∘ Naive: Especially as a new Warrior, Lionclaw's confidence can be misplaced and his enthusiasm will often cause him to be more faithful in flawed plans and his own abilities.
∘ Hotheaded: If you insult him, or another cat insults his clan, Lionclaw's immediate response is to get angry and lash out or go off in a huff.

↬  Neutral Traits  ↫ 
∘ Brave: Always prepared to put himself in danger to help the clan.
∘ Decisive: Once Lionclaw likes an idea he is quick to defend it, not beyond reason but enough to start fierce debates.

✔ Likes⇢ Battle practice, praise
✘ Dislikes⇢  Other clans, hunting
↫ 🌲 Family Information  🌲 ↬ 
∘ Mother: Softstep, a tall skinny golden tabby with a white belly. Deceased.
∘ Father: Dustmuzzle, a muscular tabby tom with the same white markings as Lionclaw. Deceased
Siblings⇢ N/A
Mate⇢ None
↫ ❤ Romance Information  ❤ ↬ 
↬ Mate⇢  None

Previous Mates⇢ N/A
Romantic Interests⇢ None
Looking for⇢  Quick-fling

Likes in a potential mate⇢ 
∘ Confident
∘ Brave
∘ Fierce
∘ A skilled warrior

Dislikes in a Potential mate⇢ (list of things to draw your cat away)
∘ Shyness
∘ Hesitance
∘ Smothering

Interested in kits⇢ Yes
Family Size↬ Small
↫ 🌲 History 🌲 ↬ 
Be sure to update this, and please delete all portions that don't apply to your cat! 

Kit-hood (0-6 moons)⇢  Lionclaw was spoilt rotten by his parents, after his other siblings were still born or died within a moon. They doted on his every demand and praised his every achievement, causing his confidence to grow and grow. He would often challenge his denmates to battle practice, and found other games such as mossball and mouse-hunting too dull to capture his attention.

Apprentice-ship (6-12 moons)⇢ Almost as soon as he was apprenticed, Softstep contracted Greencough and died. His father began to smother him even more, until even Lionpaw got sick of it. He threw himself into training, but as Dustmuzzle was mainly a hunter he tried to avoid those tasks, this pleased Swiftfang who was a far greater fighter than a hunter and Lionclaw perfected his fighting training while remaining only a mediocre hunter. Halfway through his apprenticeship Dustmuzzle died from illness, and Lionclaw was suddenly very alone and very used to being spoilt. He became more aggressive and cocky in a ditch attempt to get more attention.

Warrior-hood (12-present)⇢ Only a new Warrior, Lionclaw tries to establish himself as a respected warrior in the clan using his aggressive nature to distinguish himself from his more shy and muted clanmates.

↫ 🌲 Additional Links 🌲 ↬   
⇢ Roleplay Tracker
⇢ Heart Chart  
⇢ Family Tree  
Cinderpelt Redraw
came to my attention that :thumb300208466: had been used in a facebook/twitter post without my consent or any credit for me, i won't name drop the most but i can just do so much better why take an old piece??


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